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Professor Eduardo Mendoza: "The modern treatment ways of low back pain and joint diseases. Are they available in the Philippines? - Open question..."

Last week, one of the best orthopaedists of modern times, Professor Eduardo Mendoza, spent two days in Manila. Professor Mendoza kindly agreed to give us an interview and tell about the modern treatment strategies of diseases affecting the spine and joints of the entire world population and in particular in our country.

We publish the highlights of this interview, in which the professor said that today there are drugs that can effectively deal with these diseases, even in the most advanced stages, regardless of patient age. The only open question remains the availability of such drugs to the Pinoy customers, as well as their affordability to our patients. Keep reading...

- Professor Mendoza, how widespread are the conditions of the musculoskeletal system as opposed to all other diseases?

- According to WHO (World Health Organization) global statistics, the pain affecting the back and the joints is one of the most common reasons to consult a doctor. Up to 95% of the world population experienced pain of this nature at least once in their lives. 6-10% of them as a rule lose their work capacity due to the diseases affecting their musculoskeletal system. Typically, pain is caused by injuries and diseases of a degenerative, infectious and rheumatic nature. There are various types of disorders, but they all have a common feature: their treatment must start as soon as possible, otherwise it will lead to a high probability of incapacitation up to a disability. Importantly, those diseases used to affect primarily elderly and middle-aged people, today though, they have become dramatically younger.

- How to explain such an early manifestation of these diseases?

- Here we are talking about the diseases affecting the locomotor system, which may be caused by different factors. They are caused by a constantly deteriorating environment; stresses that result in psycho-emotional and, therefore, muscle tension, not to forget different infectious diseases that directly affect our bodies in general, and the musculoskeletal system in particular. These factors can easily cause serious degenerative processes.

Don’t forget that most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle. We don’t pay enough attention to gym, running and other physical activities. Of course, nothing can replace a good workout, but the situation associated with diseases of the back or joints is not always permanent and hopeless.

- Does it mean that you already have a solution to the problems of sore back and joints?

- Of course. My speech today at the conference was entirely about this topic. I’ve introduced the latest development of our Institute, which took us several years of work and which is unprecedented on the global scale!

- How interesting! Tell us more about it.

- In China we believe and proved that joints can fully recover. They can and must be treated. Wear remains the main factor causing this condition. Our joints are constantly exposed to a big load, therefore the cartilage loses its elasticity, becomes thinner and wears out. Hence clicks, pain, hernia and bone deformation (arthrosis). By the age of 60, in most people 45-50% of cartilage would be worn off. How to improve them? Is it possible to literally "build up" the joint? Yes, it is!

Our body has the unique ability to regenerate. Just think how quickly a cut on our skin heals up, the tissue inside of the body have also the ability to regenerate. It’s all about how quick this happens: one organ recovers on its own, while others may need help. The formula developed by our Institute was developed precisely for such cases.

- What is it?

- This is a pill Joint Support . Its all-natural composition allows you the target the cause of the pain in the back and joint in its roots and ease it.

- Probably some people may show cautious or sceptical attitude toward your words, as it sounds as if Joint Support was a cure-all medicine.

- Joint Support is not a panacea, it is not a medicine either, it is a recovery formula that "restarts" our bodies at the cellular level. The ingredients of the pills penetrate deep into the tissue and directly affect the causes of the disease. In other words, they may regenerate the cartilage and improve their elasticity. That's it!

- Who should use these pills?

- It should be administrated for arthritis, osteoarthritis, low back pain, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, bulging discs and also for pain, numbness, torn and pinched muscles, oedema, injuries, trauma. Besides all of the above, it’s a good idea to use Joint Support as a preventive measure.

- I would say the spectrum of action of this formula is quite wide

- You are right! One of the priorities of our Institute was to create a universal remedy that can effectively cope with various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, regardless of the patient's age and stage of the disease. To date Joint Support has been already certified in 37 countries, where it is widely used as the most effective remedy for the treatment of the diseases of the back and joints. And we can only be proud of it! This year we have decided to allocate an additional $ 7 million to expand our production capacity due to the constant increase in demand.

- So it's available in the Philippines?

- Why not? It is! Let me also add that Joint Support is available only on our official website!

- Then, how come we didn’t see it in the pharmacies?

- Indeed, unfortunately you won’t find it at chemist stores, the reason is very easy to understand. The problem is that we, as the manufacturer of this formula, don’t agree with the price strategy of the pharamcies. They all tend to apply huge mark-ups, which places the product totally out of reach for most people. They want to sell Joint Support, 5 to 6 times more expensive than our recommended retail price. We demand to keep the price accessible to ordinary people. That is, the chemist "profit" must be minimal and this is not negotiable.

- So how the product will be distributed?

- We created a site from which everyone can buy the product with a good discount. My mission as a doctor is to help people heal I don't want to make a profit from the pain of people.

- Impressive indeed! Today, such programs are vital for our country. Thank you very much, Professor Mendoza, for this interview and for sharing the information with our readers, which, I am sure, they will find very helpful! Good luck!

- Thank you and all the best! Take care. I hope for all the people to try Joint Support. You deserve live filled with exciting activities, instead of staying home with sore joints.

P.S. Beware of scams. To order the certified Joint Support only use the official website.

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